Feb 2018 Minutes

Gilbert Tractor Club

Feb. 5, 2018

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School

Welcome \ Introductions:

Jon kicked off the meeting by welcoming everyone and reminding them to pay their dues for 2018.

No new guest for the February meeting.

Minutes from Jan. were read.

Old Business:

Dues – pay them now.  Student dues are $5.00.

If you’ve had a change in mailing address, in contact information or e-mail address make sure you let Al know.

The City Council has been contacted for information about Gilbert Days for 2018.

We need to start thinking about and confirming dates for events during 2018.  Central Iowa Pullers is holding a date for us.  We need to decide soon.

We have less than 10 calendars left.  Get your calendar soon or they’ll be gone.

New Business:

Windsor Oaks has inquired about the Tractor Club displaying tractors for them.  This is a retirement home with several retired who are interested in tractors.  There are about 30 units and it’s in a nice location.  If we do this, what data should be considered?   May 6th is ISU graduation, May 26th is Gilbert graduation and Memorial Day Weekend.

As we do events in 2018 we’d like to have a good showing with 10-15 tractors for each event.  We had one event last year where only 2 showed interest so we canceled.  Let’s make sure we’re going to represent the club with a good turnout.   Suggestions to confirm we have a good show of tractors revolved around starting a sign-up sheet now to see where interests might be and how many tractors we may have for each event. Lauren could assist with getting a sign-up sheet on the website as she worked with the Gilbert School web page.  She’s work with Al. This could then be noted at the meeting so we know how many have signed up.

When do we want to set up the mini tractor pull? Suggestions were to have it out during Gilbert Days and Scandinavian Days for sure. Pizza Ranch was considered since last year we were rained out. We’ve got the weights figured out for the bigger kids who are 100 plus lbs. We need to figure out which tractor works the best.

Since it has been snowing, Steve would love to get a few winter photos of tractors for next year’s calendar.  Contact him now if you’re willing to get your tractor out in this weather.

Auctions or Threshing Events: 

Nothing noted for February.

4-Sale or Wish list:

Club Calendars for sale.

Presentation:  Ed Engle  (Steve Larson’s  Brother-in-law)  When Ed first joined the club he didn’t have a tractor and he had to decide what he wanted to get, in order to take part in the activities.  Why a Ferguson?  Based upon happenings at his Uncle Keith’s farm with a cousin was part one of the Ferguson tractor choice. In the late 60’s Uncle Keith had a Ford.  The family had taken a trip to Washington State where Ed and his cousin took the tractor for a drive.  They were in the field helping Uncle Keith put out irrigation pipe and as Uncle Keith was unloading pipe and placing it, somehow that tractor took off across the field with 2 boys, around 4-6 in age, at the wheel. Somehow later on Uncle Keith’s black pickup also went for a drive with the 2 boys at the wheel.  Uncle Keith then decided to deliver a boy in each hand to the house so someone else could watch them.

The other factor to help Ed with his decision for a Ferguson came from when he lived in Brittan for a year.  As he turned 50 he wanted to go back to Brittan, to the Isle of Man, where he found a guy who ran a Bed & Breakfast.  While there he learned the guy had a TE20 Ferguson with a Perkins diesel engine, which is very rare as most were gas.  Thinking about all of these events led Ed to start searching for a Ferguson Tractor.  He found one and now is slowly working to restore it.  He’s found Steiner Tractor parts and they’ve been great to work with.  Last year Ed was able to attend FENA (Ferguson Enthusiast for North American) Expo in Waterloo Iowa. There were approximately 250 tractors on display.

Ed provided a time line view of the Ferguson Tractor along with the life events of Harry Ferguson, the original founder of the Ferguson Tractor.  He also had an interesting video and talked about the 60 different implements.  We learned how Henry Ford, Sr. had worked with Harry Ferguson; however, Harry Ferguson was unable to work with Henry Ford, Jr. and ended up suing him due to patent violations on his 3-point hitch.   The TE-20 & 30 tractors where manufactured overseas and the Ford Ferguson 9N was manufactured in the US. The Ferguson came with a spanner (aka wrench) which fit into an onboard tool box.

Ed currently has a 1951 TE30 Ferguson gas tractor with approximately a 3 gal tank.  The tool box is directly in front of the gas tank.