March 2018 Minutes

Gilbert Tractor Club

March 6, 2018

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School


Welcome \ Introductions:

Jon kicked off the meeting by welcoming everyone and asking if there were visitors or guests.

One guest was Diana who spoke on behalf of Scandinavian Days.  Several others, representing Gilbert School, were our speakers for the night.


Pay your annual dues now.

2018 calendars cost $12.90 each to have printed and we sold them for $12.00, so we lost about a dollar on each calendar.

The club made a donation in memory of Jim Payton’s wife, Judy.  The donation went to the caring fund at their church.

Presenters are needed for 2018.  Please contact Tim and let him know of ideas you have.  The rest of the year is open.  Pease help get presenters lined up.  The Ag students will present in April.

New Business:  

The summer schedule is being worked out.   The first three on the back of the agenda are firm dates.  Windsor Oaks is coming together.  Directions will be provided on where it’s located.   They may have an open house and grill out for those who display tractors.   More details to come on this.  If you’re bringing a tractor let us know.

Jewell – anyone interested in doing the Jewel show this year and plan to show up?

Gilbert Days – Bob will provide us with details soon.

Diana spoke about the plans for Scandinavian Days.  The theme this year is United by Tradition.  Set up will be in the same location.   They’d like to have the pedal tractors again this year.  The parade will start at 10 a.m.; however, the route is unknown at this time.

Tool Donations to the Voc-Ag students was picked up by a couple of local papers.  The Sun Times had pictures and noted what they’d be doing with the money donated from the Gilbert Tractor Club.  The class is being very careful at deciding what would benefit them most and not being hasty about the decision.  Once they decide the club will know what they purchased.

Discussion Items:

Lauren needs information about a 2-bottom plow she purchased recently.  The plow is a Little Genius Farmall. If you know anything about this plow please let her know.  She knows it’s missing a few parts.


None noted at this time.

For Sale and Wish List:

Nothing noted this month.


Carolyn Miller – Ag instructor at Gilbert was present along with Vic Vander Pool – building Principal, Lyndsay Beecher – Superintendent.   All there spoke about the bond issue for the district.  The bond proposal will provide updates for 4 buildings.   Bonds are a method for the school to borrow money.  To pass they need 60% approval.  Their long-range plan shows the district growing by about 3% per year.  At this time tax rates would not increase.  They had slides about various updates to each building and adding security and safety to the buildings.

They also talked about possible interesting concepts the students may be able to do in coming years.  These ideas included raising produce in the garden, then using it for food sales on a truck that perhaps the students could design and then build.

Recorded by: Marlene Youde – Secretary