May 2018 Minutes

Gilbert Tractor Club

May 1, 2018

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School

Welcome \ Introductions:

Bob kicked the meeting off with a welcome to everyone.  He also let us know Jon had a graduation he needed to attend.

Meeting minutes from April were approved.

There we no guests.

Al provided a treasury update.   Bob and Al noted they’d taken care of the Kybo and going forward the club will not be paying for the Kybo.  

Old Business:

Pay your annual dues now.  

Presenters are needed for 2018.  Please contact Tim and let him know of ideas you have.  The rest of the year is open. Pease help get presenters lined up.  

Bob talked about Gilbert Days and they’re currently meeting every 3 weeks.   Show organizers are needed. Kim will need help with the kids pedal tractor. Kim will check on the trophies and ribbons to make sure there are plenty for this year.  He noted due to the increase we saw last year at Story City and Gilbert, he thinks we’ll see that trend again this year and he’ll plan accordingly.

Roger Johnson will make 2 batches of ice cream.  The pie sale will at the same time as the ice cream for those wishing to have pie and ice cream.  

Summer Show Schedule was reviewed.   

For May 12th, Kim will send out directions to Windsor Oaks.  Ed will make arrow signs to help people find the location.  Trucks and trailers should be parked on Adams, the northern street.  

May 19th Kim has a sign-up sheet for those who can commit to having a tractor at Pizza Ranch.  Please sign up if you plan to display a tractor. You’ll be able to go through the line again this year if you display a tractor.  

June 2nd, Scandinavian Days Parade.  You need to be there well before 10 a.m.  The parade starts at 10. After the parade the tractors will be parked in the same area as last year.  We’lll have the kids pedal tractors again this year. Kim will need assistance.

New Business:   

Gene Upstill wasn’t present to confirm hosting the Corn and bologna dinner this year.

Discussion Items:



There is one coming up on June 30th at Eric Zeal’s.

There is an estate auction in June, check under Nixon Auctioneers for information.

For Sale and Wish List:

Frank is making plans to sell some of his toys.  More to come on this.


Replacement presenters were Lauren and Alexander, due to the scheduled person being in the field.

Lauren had a short video showing her plowing with her new2 bottom plow.  A neighbor had a couple acres which he wanted plowed. It took her about 3 hours and the video showed straight deep furrows.

Alexander was happy to announce his Oliver was running.   It’s now in the intermediate building until summer when it will be given a new coat of paint.  He’s now working on a G he purchased and hopes to get it completed this year. G’s were built from 1948-1955.  Their main purpose was to persuade Southern farmers to move from horses to tractors. There were about 29,000 built. They have 9 horse at the draw bar.  The tank holds about 5 gal gas and his sure guzzles a lot. He noted he may need to do some carb work. Alexander also thanked Bob for his assistance and advise when he was working on buying the G.   The G was in the shop where we learned that earlier in the day Alexander had put on the new clutch and fly wheel. The engine had a new crank shift and he thought the pistons looked new as well. He noted he’d have to check the valves since they’re loose. He also mentioned he’d found 3 hornet nests during tear down. The rims are out being sand blasted. Now a lot of work remains to get it back together and running again.  

Recorded by: Marlene Youde – Secretary