July 2018 Minutes

July 7, 2018

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School & Pizza Ranch in Story City

 Welcome \ Introductions:

 Al kicked the meeting off with a welcome to everyone.  Guest was Robby Gray who wanted to go on a tractor ride.

Old Business:

Pay your annual dues now.

Presenters are needed for 2018.  Please contact Tim and let him know if you have ideas.

Gene Upstill will host the Corn & Bologna dinner on August 7, 2018.  Be there at 6:30 and bring a side dish.   If anyone has a good sweet corn place let Al know.  We need to get about 12 dozen.

New Business:  

Thank you, Kim, for lining up the police to keep us safe and help at the crossings.

Gilbert Days is July 28th.   Bob needs help getting tractors lined up.  If you can help him out let him know.  He needs people to call other members to request they bring their tractors.  We need more tractors on display to keep our space.    Trucks and trailers should be parked and unloaded at the middle school.   Please don’t bring your truck and trailer to the high school to unload as it’s to congested.

We’ll have the kiddie pedal pull at the high school again this year.

Bethany Manor would like to have a few tractors for 1 day during the state fair.  Tim will contact them and let them know Tuesday, August 14th the club could bring in 10-12 tractors.  Let Tim know if you’re bringing a tractor.

August 10th, 2018 is FFA tractor judging at the Iowa State Fair and August 15th is older Iowans Day and antique tractors will be on display.

Discussion Items:

Whose tractor was the best, how fast they could go, what great weather we had, good routes, great pizza and chicken.


None noted.

For Sale and Wish List:

None mentioned.


All club members who brought their tractors presented their prized possessions on a road trip from Gilbert to Story City. One tractor needed to be pulled to get started and then we were all off for a great ride.  There were two routes, the fast tractors headed west and the slow ones headed east.   We saw many corn fields which were all ears, bean fields some of which were clean and others where they needed a new combine because it was hard to tell if it was beans or last year’s corn, several new wading or swimming ponds in the center of fields, roads closed due to washing out, creeks running bank full and of course tractors!   We displayed the colorful assortment of 25 tractors at Pizza Ranch as we enjoyed great food.   Departing people selected their own routes for return and enjoyed a great relaxing ride back to their trucks and trailers.


Recorded by: Marlene Youde – Secretary