Oct 2018 Minutes

Oct. 2, 2018

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School

Welcome \ Introductions:

Don kicked the meeting off with a welcome to everyone.  Guest for the night were Jim and Henry’s dad Chris.

Al provided a treasury report, noting a balance of $1,100.00 in the bank.   A couple have already paid their dues for 2019, so pay early and if you haven’t paid for 2018 you need to do so.  

Old Business:

Presenters are needed for 2018.  Please contact Tim Shanks.

November’s meeting will be at Gilbert City Hall with burgers fixed by the FFA.  We’ll eat at 6:30 with the meeting to follow. Henry will be our presenter in November.  

New Business:   

December tour suggestions were discussed.   Ed has had difficulty contacting Wiggins museum, which is a private family owned operation.  Other options could be a trip to Ft. Atkinson, IA to All State Ag parts, where they have about 60 acres of parts and other bone yard tractors or Heritage Park of Northern Iowa, Forest City, IA which has several buildings full of various tractors, Steam tractors, a transportation museum building with a variety of items, a building with fire trucks and numerous buildings depicting different time periods, plus an old church that was moved in from close by.  Tim will contact the museum to obtain information regarding a possible Saturday tour for the club.

Discussion Items:

Calendars will be created again this year; however, Steve needs additional photos.  If you have any photos please get them to Steve Larson.

Auctions or Events coming:

Bob talked about the Jewell events for next year.   Huebert and Bob ran into June Willis and she mentioned they have a pork feed in Jewell on the Friday night prior to the parade on Saturday.   Bob asked for those with interest in possibly showing tractors on Friday night from 4-8, which would be a cooler part of the day and we could be loaded before dark.  The Jewell event does happen close to Scandinavian days. Based on the interest expressed, Bob will check into showing tractors on Friday evening.

Plow day may not happen due to all the rain we continue to have.

On Oct. 20th, Don & Dave Struthers still plan to have the corn picking & plow day if the weather permits.  

For Sale and Wish List:

Al has a John Deere 400, with a 60” mower deck for sale.  

Bruce Youde noted he wants to sell a 1953 Oliver 77 diesel and 1946 Oliver 70 single front.  

Henry Corbin is looking for 8 bolt, 16” rims to fit a Little Genies plow.  Several members stated those could be found on running gears.


Henry Corbin presented photos and information for his L.A. Dale wooden wagon restoration, which was his final FFA project at the Iowa State Fair.  The lumber was an odd size and the original lumber was cedar. Knowing he couldn’t afford to replace boards which needed to be 13 ft. in length and 7/8 thick with cedar, he opted for hard pine.  The pine boards were cut at a family friends sawmill from trees they had. He first entered the wagon in the county fair; however, he’d ran out of time and it didn’t have pin stripes at that time.  After the county fair Henry worked on the pin stripe by marking it with bleed proof tape. Once Henry removed the tape, he noticed the tape did allow bleed through and ended up using a small brush to hand paint and firm up the lines.  

At the State Fair he was honored with a championship win and was allowed to participate in the parade of champions. The wagon was pulled in the parade by a John Deere tractor, which had also won a champion ribbon for its restoration.   

Henry had a lot of interesting photos and facts about the Newton company which manufactured the wagon and L.A. Dale a distributor of wagons.  The wagon was a very popular chuck wagon back in its time.

During the restoration phase, Henry was able to obtain seat springs from Komer Johnson.   Henry had an enjoyable time installing tongue and groove flooring, plus over 400 cold rivets which made him a popular customer at Hockel’s.  

A few of the fun facts Henry shared were his use of the un-restored wagon to take his girlfriend to prom and then during the Champion parade at the Iowa State Fair, when someone walked out in front of the John Deere and it had to hit the brakes.  Henry and his friend were on the wagon bench seat which went sliding forward and almost dumped both of them.

Recorded by: Marlene Youde – Secretary