Sep 2018 Minutes

Sept. 3, 2018

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School

Welcome \ Introductions:

Jon kicked the meeting off with a welcome to everyone.  Jon mentioned the passing of the bond issues and in Oct. we may see changes to the current shop area as they begin to add on to the North.  The plan is to add on Ag and other labs.

Guest was Lauren’s dad as he’s been her replacement \ fill-in this past summer when she was away on an internship.  Lauren will be gone again next summer because they invited her back.

Al provided a treasury update.   Checks were sent out to the Gilbert Fire Department ($250.00) and Dean Hill ($50) leaving an approx. balance of $1,100.00.  

The tractor club sponsored 2 divisions at the IA State Fair.  The FFA State officers sent a note of thanks for our support Winners were for 1958 and before restored tractors.  One winner had an Oliver 03C Crawler. One winner from Goose Lake, IA, Dawson Schultz, also sent a thank you note for our support.  

Other IA State Fair news included Alexander winning a blue ribbon for his restored Oliver 770 and Jacob Pohlen for his restored M.   Club member Henry won Grand Champion for the restoration work on a L A Dale wagon which he restored for the Nevada Historical Society.  

Old Business:

Pay your annual dues now.  

Presenters are needed for 2018.  Please contact Tim, Al, Jon or someone and let them know if you have ideas.  Idea suggested where Henry talking about his wagon restoration and explain how he is using drones in his photography work.

Plow day was mentioned but no date was set due to all the rain we’ve had.  

New Business:   

Nov. 6th will be the Annual FFA Dinner at City Hall.  After a discussion it was voted on and approved for our Nov. 6th meeting.   Bob will obtain confirmation for use of City Hall for the Nov. 6th meeting.  City Hall is a great place for presentations, if you know of someone please let us know.  

December tour suggestions were discussed.   Suggestions included going to Wiggins family museum in Memphis, Mo. or  Kinze in Williamsburg, IA. Both suggestions would require finding out if they allow groups on Sat., the hours and the cost.  If you have an idea please bring it up at the next meeting.

Discussion Items:

Gilbert FFA students did 3 rotations at the Farm Progress Show.  They worked at the Agco putting greens when it wasn’t raining. They helped with sitting up the area, seeding, watering and at the show the days of the event.   

The IA State Fair had a John Deere event \ contest to see how fast it could be torn down and then reassembled.  The tractor belonged to club member Fred C.

Henry noted  the annual Briggs tractor ride is Sept. 22 leaving Nevada heading to Maxwell and back. The ride starts at 7:30, the cost is $25.00 which includes lunch.  Contact Henry for more information. The ride is sponsored by the Nevada Historical Society.

Auctions or Events coming:

2019 Marshalltown Tractor Show is Aug. 2-4 and will feature Red tractors.  

For Sale and Wish List:

Jon noted they need a head for a Style B John Deere.   


Tim Shanks talked about his job and how he travels to Holland for precession live stock facility setups and designs.  He talked about sow barns which hold 250-800 head and have multiple rooms. Tim noted how livestock, cows for example, wear leg or neck tags so farms may gather data. Data is transmitted wirelessly and is similar to GPS for helping to locate a given animal.  

He noted the tractors he’s seen never have duals, some have wider floatation tires but a lot have narrow tires.  The tractors go approx.. 35mph.

Tim had interesting photos of a wooden shoe factory where it takes about 5 min. per shoe and cheese factory where they made a large variety of cheeses.  

Tim also noted there are a lot of people who ride bicycles for transportation.

He noticed in his travels there weren’t many fences to keep the animals contained.  

Recorded by: Marlene Youde – Secretary