Mar 2019

Gilbert Tractor Club

March 05, 2019

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School

Welcome \ Introductions:

Jon kicked off the meeting welcoming everyone and thanking Al for printing off the agenda for each meeting.  

There were 3 guests attending the meeting:

  1. Ashley Treadwell from Maryland, the new Student teacher who will become full time in the future.
  2. Cole, an Ag Power Mechanic student who will present next month.
  3. Wayne Hornung a former John Deere Power unit employee.

Nothing new for tractor or equipment additions this month.

Al provided a treasury report stating a balance of $2,600 was in the bank and he’s expecting a bill of $1,300 to arrive soon for the calendars.

Please pay your 2019 dues – timely and now would be a great time!

Old Business:

Presenters are needed for 2019.  Right now, Jon has Ag students lined up for our next meeting but we need to come up with someone for future meetings.  Please let us know if you have someone or an idea.

New Business:

The back of the agenda contains our summer show dates.  Kim would like 2 dates for each one so he has something to work with as plans are confirmed.  Diane K. contacted us about May 31st -June 2nd for Scandinavian Days.  Jon will reach out to the Ag students to help again this year for various events.  They are great help and their help was greatly appreciated last year. We’ll have the kiddie tractor pull again this year and the ag students will be helping us out again.

Memorial Day weekend there is an auction in MN for toys and pedal tractors.  The location was unknown at this time.

Jewell Toy Show is April 7th from 9-3 in the South Hamilton High School.  Don Johnson plans to set up for the show.

Discussion Items:

Calendars for 2019 were available for purchase, $12.00.  

Auctions or Events coming:


For Sale and Wish List:



Wayne Hornung was the guest speaker and showed slides of his W1100 John Deere engine.  

Wayne worked for John Deere in Waterloo for 39 yrs.  

A distributor found the W1100 engine for Wayne.  It was located in Arkansas so he made a road trip to purchase the find for $1,100.

Wayne provided a background and history on W111 and W113 stationary power units as well as ones like he owns.  

His unit is serial number #3871 and he restored it during 2018.  It ran when he purchased it, but it was rough. The W1100 is a 2-cylinder engine which is a version of the John Deere D tractor engine.   We learned the Model E engine was a 1 cylinder and replaced the John Deere H stationary engine. The engines were used for powering washing machines, corn shellers, cotton gins, saw mills, oil pumps and many other items.   Between 1923-1946 John Deere produces 140,000 model E engines. The Model D type engines were built in 1928 and in 1933 they up graded to power from 27 hp to 33 hp. Wayne stated his engine is like 1933 version and that design remained until around 1950 when production stopped.  The engine weighs approx. 2,200 lbs. He has it mounted on a 953-running gear. Wayne recommends looking at the John Deere D manual for a stationary engine parts.

Recorded by: Marlene Youde – Secretary