Jan 2019

Gilbert Tractor Club

Jan. 8, 2019

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School

Welcome \ Introductions:

Jon kicked off the meeting welcoming everyone and providing a brief update about the ag building extension.  By next winter they hope to have 2400-2600 square ft. added to allow for an even higher student enrollment. The enrollment has been increasing each year and they’re excited to have new class rooms and opportunities.

Al provided a treasury report, noting he’d paid the website fee for 2019 and 2020.   He also sent a check to the state fair for $50.00.

Old Business:

Presenters are needed for 2019.  There have been suggestions for tour or trip ideas.  New ideas for our monthly meetings are encouraged. If you have an idea let us know.    One idea came from Jim, who has a friend in Waterloo with a W1100 power unit which he’s restored.  They’re trying to persuade him to come talk to us for one of our meetings. He’s a retired John Deere guy.   Jim will follow up.

New Business:

There’s a tractor ride January 19, 2019 in Granite, Ia.   Wear your coveralls and join the fun! Here’s contact information for those interested: Contact Chuck (Granite City person) at 605-254-6954 with any questions.

Discussion Items:

Calendars for 2019 were available for purchase.  Jon announced Lauren was a recipient of the American FFA Degree certificate and presented the certificate during the meeting. In 2018 they had 2 recipients, Lauren Parker and Ben Hinners.  There have been 2 others receive the honor. In 2014, Chester Fisher and in 2017, Adam Davis, Jon’s son received the honor. Lauren is the first female Gilbert Chapter member to receive the American FFA Degree.  

Auctions or Events coming:


For Sale and Wish List:



Jon showed a video and spoke about powdering coating.  Powder coating provides an industrial finish. You need the equipment; a startup kit isn’t that expensive and you don’t have to be an expert.  There’s a reasonable startup kit from Eastwood company. The school has received product from Eastwood and it seems to work for their needs. A simple household toaster oven will bake the parts or a home oven for larger parts; however, the oven needs to be 100% dedicated to powder coating and not used for food preparation.   To get started you need a powder gun, powder, oven, dual voltage controller, dry air, and a small air compressor. The oven will restrict the size of your project.

Jon mentioned he has a nephew in Grand Junction who runs a powder coating business and Adam Delaney (former ag student) sold powder coating products as an ag project.  He was one of the top sellers in the district and won the powder coating equipment demo.

We departed to the shop to view powder coated vise parts which have been repurposed and refinished to look like new.  The ag shop also purchased a very large heat booth, complete with a hanging rack for larger parts.

Recorded by: Marlene Youde – Secretary