May 2019 Minutes

Gilbert Tractor Club

May 07, 2019

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School


Welcome \ Introductions:

Don kicked off the meeting welcoming everyone.  

Guest this month included Loren & Ruth Book, our presenters.

The minutes from April were read and accepted.

Al referenced the bills he’d paid during April and the current balance.

Nothing new for tractor or equipment additions this month.

Please pay your 2019 dues, tonight would be a great time! We have about 51% paid so far.  

Old Business:

Presenters are needed for 2019. The next openings we need to fill are Aug – Dec.  July will be the tractor ride. Aug. will be the bologna and corn feed. We will need a location for the corn feed event.   Please let Ed know if you have something you’d like to present or if you know of someone who would present.

New Business:

Summer show dates were reviewed.  Watch the back of the agenda as some of the dates have changed.

Scandinavian Days is June 8th.   Windsor Oaks changed to June 15th, and Ace Hardware will be June 29th.  Windsor Oaks will be sponsored by Casey’s again this year. Kim will be providing the feast at Pizza Ranch in Ames on May 18th.

Kim ordered trophies for Scandinavian Days and Gilbert Days.

Auctions or Events coming:


For Sale and Wish List:



Loren and Ruth Book presented information on the Moline Plow Company.   See MolinePlowCo.Com for more information about a show coming Sept. 13-15, 2019, which will feature the Flying Dutchman plow.  The show is in Geneso, Il. This is a once in a lifetime show with approx. 35 tractors and equipment pieces from the Moline Plow Co. era on display.  Other tractors, such as Case, will also be at the show. Loren was active in helping to get this show off the ground and hopes many will attend.

A Minneapolis Plow Co. slide show was presented with Ruth at the buttons on the lap top and Loren speaking.  

The company came from Moline, Il and merged with Minneapolis Steel & Machine in 1929.

Moline Plow got its start as a black smith shop in the 1870.  In 1914-1915 they purchased the Universal Tractor Company in OH and moved it back to Moline.   They had the largest factory in the world for years and then sold it in mid-1920’s to Farmall.   

The Flying Dutchman was the mascot for Moline Plow Company.  It was chosen because they wanted to blow the competition out of the water.  When they introduced the Sulky Plow, the Flying Dutchman was designed to mimic the Statue of Liberty, holding corn in his had for the torch.  In 1917 they dropped the Flying Dutchman so they wouldn’t offended anyone.

For the tractors you sat on the implements like people did when working the fields behind a horse.  The tractors had lights to allow for night work in the field.

Over the years Moline Plow bought out numerous companies.  Instead of using numbers for they products they decided to use name.  They even had Stephens Car Company.

The surprise of the night was to learn there was a Moline Plow Store in Gilbert.  People recognized several of the building in the photo including one which today is home to the antique shop.  The photo was believed to be from the 1910 era.

Secretary, Marlene Youde