June 2019 Minutes

June 04, 2019

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School

Welcome \ Introductions:

Al kicked off the meeting welcoming everyone.  

The secretary report from May was read and accepted.

Al noted for June there weren’t changes, no gain and no loss for the Treasurer Report.

Please pay your 2019 dues so Al can have a gain from dues income next month.   

Nothing new for tractor or equipment additions this month.

Old Business:

Presenters are needed for 2019. The next openings we need to fill are Aug – Dec.

Gene Upstill will be the destination for the Bologna and Corn feed this year. If you have something, you’d like to display at that time you may want to check in and see if Gene has room for you to display.  

New Business:

Summer show dates were reviewed.  Watch the back of the agenda as some of the dates have changed.

Windsor Oaks changed to June 15th, and Ace Hardware will be June 29th.  For Windsor Oaks Retirement show on June 15th, be in place before 10 a.m.  There was talk about a possible trophy this year.  They may pick out 3-4 judges and determine a winner.   Food provided by Casey’s General Store, so you know it will be good.  

Scandinavian Days will be this Sat.  and you need to arrive at 9 a.m. Parade starts at 10 a.m. and they may split us into 2 groups.  Last year we were too spread out and they want us tighter.

The next meeting will be Saturday, July 06, 2019.  Meet at the high school at 8 a.m. for the tractor ride and we’ll head to Story City Pizza Ranch on the ride.  

Auctions or Events coming:


For Sale and Wish List:

Pocahontas Machinery sale bill was passed around for a sale June 12th.

For Sale, a 14 hp JD garden tractor with mower deck, Sauer-Sundstrand developed transmission\rear end.  

JD 45 Gravity drop bucket for sale in Aleman, see Ron Tweet.

Al has a John Deere B for sale.   

Discussion Items:

We need to set a route for the tractor ride this year and a lead person.   We need to notify the Story County Sheriff Office of the route and time. These need to be determined sooner than later.   Kim will lead the ride down by the river and come in on the back side of Story City past the Manor.


Ron Twedt’s friend, Perry Smith talked about a variety of topics and the enjoyment he’s had over the years working with Church Youth groups, FFA, and educating people about the lifestyle from years ago.  

Perry has lived in Alleman for 25 yrs.   He has a lot of equipment and tractors. He had an article published in the Gas Engine magazine.  It included photos of his kids, at a young age, working with the gas engines. They have spent many years educating and talking to people from the US and various countries.  

Perry started with gathering gas engines and then started adding attachments so he and his family could do things to show people some of their uses.  They shell corn, crack corn, grinding, forge railroad spikes into knifes and even have a box sheller. One sheller has an 1863 patent.

They demonstrate making rope, lye soap, black pot cooking, forging railroad spikes into knifes and other early pioneer living crafts.  People can make and take their own rope; kids can build and then take home the crate they make. They have displays which people can touch, feel and even use the artifacts to get a hands-on experience.   Display items include Indian artifacts such as furs, arrows, and things native to Iowa. He works hard on demos and sets up displays yearly at Mount Pleasant, Lynn County Fair, the 4th of July in Slater and the Iowa State Fair.  

Perry has worked with his kids from an early age having them help with demos at all the shows.  They are now older and he’s not sure how things will keep going. One of his kids is in the service and another was just married, but he hopes to continue on with the tradition for the shows, interacting with people as they educate.   This year he plans to put up and live in a Tee-Pee during his show schedule.

Recorded by: Marlene Youde  – Secretary