Oct 2019 Minutes

Oct. 1, 2019

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School  

Welcome \ Introductions: 

Jon kicked off the meeting talking about the school expansion, the construction is going great and they may be able to open the addition in December.  

Old Business: 

Pay your dues. 

Presenters are needed.  Please contact Ed and let him know if you have ideas.  

Treasure Report:  We have about $1,400 in the bank.  

New Business:   

Noah, from Parkersburg, sent a thank you note to the club.  He sent a picture of himself by his Allis Chalmers with a Grand Champion Ribbon.  

It’s time to start thinking about officers for next year.   The President for the next year will be discussed in November.  See Bob, Jon or Al if interested. The November meeting will be at the Community Center. The BBQ dinner will be prepared by the FFA members.   The start time will be 6:30, Nov. 5th

Discussion Items: 

What do you want to do for the December trip, which is normally the first Saturday of December?  The first trip the club held was touring at Dan Peterman’s. December 7th is the first Saturday this year and we don’t want to get much later than that do to holiday events.  There appears to be interest in going back to Dan Peterman’s in Webster City. Many people currently in the club haven’t been there before.  The name of Dan’s business is Rusty Acres. He has primarily green but there are other colors. It’s not a big business but he does a lot with what he has.  Dan is also an FFA judge at the State Fair.   

For Sale and Wish List: 

Phil Shelling – on line auction

Oct. 25, 2019 Fall Harvest Toy, Literature, Sign and Memorabilia Consignment Auction, Nokomis, IL

Oct. 25, 2019 Fall Harvest Antique Tractor Consignment, Nokomis, IL

Dumont’s Auction – Oct. 11-12th Sigourney , IA starts at 10 a.m. 

Don Peak Harvesting Auction

See Don Johnson if interested in an H Farmall. It doesn’t run but has been in a shed.


Jeremy Johnson spoke about the history of ‘Hit & Miss’ engines.   

He started out with a couple John Deere E’s, which are his favorite.   Jeremy started about 5 yrs ago. He talked about the early history of the engines from the 1900’s – 1930’s.   They have speed governed engines as well as throttle governed, which came out around 1930, took over and are around today.  

The introduction of the engines allowed many manual tasks to become automated.  The engines were used to operate pumps, for grinding, washers, churns, and other daily task.  There were hundreds of manufactures including Hercules, Stover, Maytag and John Deere. Around 1918 – 1921 the engines started to appear encased, self-oiled and speed governed. 

Variations of the engines included some with spark plug ignitions which were produced around 1923-26.  

There was an “EP” engine designed for dusty conditions and only around 525 were built. There were Kerosene burning engines, the EK, which was not common and most were exported. 

You had to buy your own cart, as they didn’t come with the engine; however, due to their weight you needed something to help move the engine around. 

In 1946 John Deere stopped making the type E engines; however, there are many still around today. 

All production records are sealed away in files at John Deere.   Parts are still around and can be found on eBay or other sites. Rye Falk has a book out that’s an interesting read and there is also a Gas Engine magazine. 

Recorded by: Marlene Youde – Secretary