Dec 2019 Minutes

December 7, 2019

Meeting Place – Dan Peterman’s Rusty Acres   

Welcome \ Introductions:

Bob kicked off our day thanking Dan for allowing us to visit with him, see his tractors and memorabilia collection.

Old Business:

Pay your dues if you still haven’t paid for 2019 you can pay for 2019 and 2020 – now would be great!

Treasure Report:   Al provided the bank balance and stated the club has renewed their support for the trophies at the Iowa State Fair.

New Business:  

Calendars are here and you can buy them today for $12.00.  See Bob to pay for the calendars and see Al to pay your dues.  If you plan to pay for both at once, make sure Bob knows how many calendars you have and then tell Al so he can also get the money for the calendars, plus your dues.

Discussion Items:


For Sale and Wish List:


Presentation: Dan Peterman

He talked about the numerous tractors he had in the shop.  One was a John Deere D, which he is was working on for a club member.  There were two other John Deere’s and a F20 Farmall which are projects for other customers.  He had an Oliver in the paint bay, which was for a customer.   The canopy for the Oliver was already painted and resting in the shed w/the rest of his collection and other customer items waiting to be repaired or restored.  Of interest in the shop was a 720 LP which had pistons about the size of a 3 lb. coffee can.  Other interesting items were an air hose reel on the outside of the shop, which was housed under an 820 John Deere grill bonnet, inside the door you see a full-sized sink with a stand\base made from a tool box and above that a mirror created using a tractor radiator.  He had a Farrah Fawcett poster from his childhood, numerous other posters and signs.  It was interesting listening to Dan talk about the various customers he has in different states.   He also mentioned, he had the regular occupants of the shop, 3 labs and 3 cats, locked in the back.  They have the life of luxury including a radio, tv, heat, A\C and huge beds!  As we left the shop and headed to the next building as we entered you noticed his wife’s pink Massy and we’d learn it had been inside the house in the front entrance!  They have 2 seasons to move it in or out of the house, spring or fall.   In the large shed he also has an 80 John Deere Number 199, out of the first 200 built, which was one of the last tractors his dad would have worked on during his time at John Deere.  They had an interesting trip to KS to get the tractor when they were having a lot of floods. There was also a John Deere R, a 951 Ford w/a three point, a wooden truck, several snow mobiles, lawn tractors, an old 25 cent per bottle tall Pepsi machine, a shorter Pepsi machine, numerous beer signs, Levi sign and various other tractors in hard to reach places which required work or restoration.  Outside he had an Oliver 88 with loader, Oliver 77, an Oliver hiding behind a camper he had to paint for a customer, 8N Ford, plus numerous John Deere’s.

After leaving Rusty Acres several headed to Webster City, to the Grid Iron to enjoy lunch and talk about what they’d just seen or learned.

Recorded by: Marlene Youde – Secretary