Jan 2020

Gilbert Tractor Club

January 7, 2019

Meeting Place – Gilbert High School

Welcome \ Introductions:

Bob kicked off our meeting.  We had one guest, Terry Riley.

Old Business:

Pay your dues as quick as you can this year.  Don’t delay – pay today!

Treasure Report:   Al provided the bank balance of $1,682.  We haven’t received the calendar bill yet.

New Business:  

There are a few calendars left, see Bob if you’d like to purchase one.   A big thanks to Steve for another great job of taking pictures for the calendar.

The track is gone for Gilbert Days tractor pull.  They’ve checked with the mini pullers and they can’t make it this year, as they have a prior commitment on the same day.  Does anyone have other ideas of what we could do for tractor attractions?

Roland would like to have antique tractors for their 4th of July parade.  Who’s interested?

The featured tractor at Marshalltown this year is Case.

Discussion Items:

President options for this year.  If no one is interested you’ll have Al and Bob covering things this year.  Ed might be interested, if anyone is interested in taking over his presentation planning job.  There were no takers at the meeting for either job.

For Sale and Wish List:

Someone was in the need of a heathouser for an H Farmall.

Presentation: Don Rimathe

We learned about Don’s love for International tractors.  He farmed up until about 5 yrs ago and now gets to spend more time with his tractors.   His journey started with a meeting of the Red Power Collectors in 1993.  Don is a member of the Iowa Chapter.

Don restored a 400 Farmall as well as #16 4 bottom plow.  His tractor has been in his family and is a one family owned tractor.   He worked hard to get them ready for the show in 1995, as the featured tractor.  The tractor was used on a commemorative postcard.

Ralph Sanders from Classic Tractors took a lot of photos of Don’s tractor.  In Oct. 1998 Don’s tractor, the 400 Farmall, was the Oct. page of the calendar.  The pictures were also used to publish Don’s tractor in the Red Book.  Don found his tractor on a sign distributed by Desperate Enterprises.   Ralph was unaware of their use of his photos to create the signs; therefore, he had a meeting to get his money from them for using his work.

Don also showed us pictures of a 7220 with the 400 to show the considerable size difference.  Don had a Milwaukee beer can shim he found in the main bearing of his 400 Diesel, when he was tearing it down to overhaul.  He’d purchased the 400 diesel with a gas start, in Indianola.    He took it to plow day before painting it and it did a great job.

He took the tractor to the Red Power Round Up in Mn, in 2011.  As he was headed home a lady in a red Cadillac wanted him to pull over.  A guy gets out and wants to see the oil and wandered if he could hear it run.  Turned out the guy, Randy Hinton, wanted to buy the tractor.  Don hadn’t planned on that but decided he’d sell the tractor.  Randy Hinton was the owner of 11-12 IH dealerships in Northern Iowa and wanted to purchase the tractor to display.  Don hauled the tractor to Ogden for him.   After selling it Don had second thoughts and wanted to buy it back but Randy wasn’t interested, so Don found another one in Mn.  He purchased a 1956, with a fast hitch and restored another 400 diesel.  Don likes the 400’s because they are the ones he grew up on and they are his favorites, specially the one that was his dad’s and has remained in the family. Don also showed a DVD of plow day from years past.

Recorded by: Marlene Youde – Secretary