Feb 2020 Minutes

February 4, 2020

Welcome \ Introductions: 

Bob kicked off our meeting.  

Meeting Place: Gilbert High School

Secretary Report: was read and no revisions noted. 

Treasurer Report: $2,600 plus some change.  No calendar bill at this time.  

Old Business: 

Presenters for 2020 are needed.  March is the next month for which we need someone.   In April it may be the FFA students and a tour of the addition. 

Pay Dues for 2020

If you can’t recall then you probably haven’t paid and need to.  Tonight, would be great night to pay.   

New Business:   

Thank you, Jon Davis, for serving as President for two years.  

Summer Schedule on back of Agenda was discussed. 

Pizza Ranch in Ames, May 16th will be sponsored by Kim Redling and he’ll get a confirmed date. 

Scandinavian Days Parade date has been confirmed. 

Windsor Oaks Retirement, Casey’s will provide food again and Kim will confirm dates. 

Ace Hardware, 24th Street in Ames, Bob will contact Steve Hanson to confirm the date.  

Annual GTC Ride, Gilbert HS, July 25th has been confirmed.  Kim has route ideas. 

Gilbert Family Fest date was confirmed.  We’ll have the normal tractor display. Are there other ideas?  There will be ice cream. Kiddy tractor pull will be set up. There is a need for helpers at the event.  Bob has been to one meeting so far. There are new people involved and if anyone wants to sit in with Bob they’re welcome to do so.  See Bob for details. 

Annual Corn / Bologna Dinner will be at Struvber Farm and directions will be provided closer to Aug. Date was confirmed. 

Auction or Threshing events: none 

For sale or wish list: None

Presentation: by Ed Engle

Ed talked about various safety points.  We learned he’d proposed to his wife in 1992.  Julie is Steve Larson’s sister. She was a grad from Indiana and came back to Iowa to find an optometry position. They hadn’t told her parents they were engaged.  In mid Aug. Ed received a call stating her dad had been killed in a tractor rollover accident. He’d been moving big round bales w/forks and rolled the tractor. He never knew they were engaged. Based on research Ed discovered tractor rollovers has the highest % of deaths.

Ed mentioned how a farmer had driven a 4-wheel drive tractor with a seed head upright, and hit a power line blowing the lug nuts off the wheels.  The driver was lucky to come out unhurt. 

At the State Fair you can view PTO accidents and facts, including the number of accidents. 

Members of the club talked about various near misses they’ve had including Jacks & lifts where things have fallen off, skid loaders rolling when back filling and drivers being thrown a great distance, driving tractors and skid loaders off the edges of trailers when loading or unloading, wet & slick decks they’ve slide things off.  Al lost a wheel during a parade and Virgil lifted him up and put it back on. By the time he got back it was almost off again. Kim had a combine where the axle snapped and the auger hit the ground. Larry rolled a mower mowing a terrace, the mower landed with the blades in the air still running.  

Kim talked about a safety program out of Humboldt for schools and will see if he can get them to come to club with information sometime. 

Recorded by: Marlene Youde – Secretary