Mar Minutes 2022

Gilbert Tractor Club

March 1, 2022

Meeting Place: Gilbert High School 

Welcome \ Introductions:  Bob kicked off our meeting.

Guest and family additions: – Dick has a 1906 Case Steam Engine Tractor and a water wagon.

Secretary Report:  Minutes were read for February.

Treasurer Report: Al reported $1,370 in the bank. Calendar bill was paid.

Old Business:  The calendars are gone unless we have enough interest for getting additional calendars.

New Business:   Pay your dues, if you can’t recall if you paid or not you probably didn’t. Please see Al to pay your dues. We still need people to present for the rest of the year.

The summer schedule was reviewed.  Pizza Ranch, we need to follow up with Kim if it’s a go. Scandinavian Days will be a parade, display of tractors and pedal tractor pulls. Ace Hardware Show we need to talk to Steve to confirm and Bob will call him. Annual Corn/Bologna Dinner we’ll be needing a host for this event.  Lincoln Highway days will be updated to state Aug. 27th.  Madrid Labor Day is a Parade on Sept. 05 and tractor display on Sunday, Sept. 04. Iowa State Fair, the club will be sponsoring 2 trophies and looks like at least one person will have an entry this year.  Living History Harvest is August 6th.  Gathering of the Green is in Davenport on March 16-19th.

Discussion Items: Let us know if you have any ideas and we can send out an invite.

Auction or Threshing events: None noted.

For sale or wish list: None noted.

Presentation:  Jon Davis spoke about the Ag Mechanical Lab and Course# 450 farm. The farm is student ran and managed. They do row crops, improvements like electric, water, rock and other expenses related to farming and they have hog finishing. Work starts early in the a.m. and ends late in the day just like a normal family farm. There are now 18,000 FFA students in Iowa and hope to grow this number. Jon is now teaching 2 classes, Ag 388 and 488. For the building poultry, dairy and others pay into service the equipment. There are 18 kids per class each day. Ag ed studies are 6 wks., followed by 10 wks. of power mechanics which includes metals and welding.  Most kids don’t even know what a wrench is so they start with all the basics.  They learn technical reading, what torque wrenches are, digital tools and gauges, and other things we’d take for granted. Students pay $250 for welding then get a jacket, gloves, helmet, and steel ruler. Jon brought a bit of Gilbert High School with him as he was able to purchase some of the old desks they were selling. Jon is hoping to expand the program during his time at ISU, as the seats do fill up fast. Jon also works with those who will become Ag teaches and has gone to Ogden and Ames to observe. During his time at Gilbert, Jon has worked with about 27 student teachers where each one was given a lab coat with their name, a ruler and tape measure.

Jon mentioned an FFA State Mechanic contest being held on a Thursday in June, where the kids work in groups of 3 to 4. They are graded on various projects.  He might be in need of some club members to help run screw drivers to take things down and get ready for the next group.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Secretary Report by: Marlene Youde