April 2022 Minutes

Gilbert Tractor Club

April 5, 2022

Meeting Place: Gilbert High School         

Welcome \ Introductions:  Bob kicked off our meeting.

Guest and family additions: – none announced

Treasurer Report: Al reported $1,480.01 in the bank. By the end of April, Al will need to pay various expenses.

Old Business: We reviewed the summer schedule and updated the date for Lincoln Highway days to Aug. 27th.  Henry confirmed the 27th was correct and needed in the summer schedule. Kim confirmed May 14th for Pizza Ranch in Ames.  Ace Hardware was confirmed and should be back to normal activities or as close as possible.  August 17th is the day tractors will be on display at the State Fair. Gilbert days, 10 days ago they called Bob to say things will be held on Main Street.  Cars and tractors will be displayed at the old schools, with tractors in the west parking lot where there are shade trees.  Parking will be in the north side gravel lot.  Bethany Life, Paul will talk to Beau, to see if we need to have 5-6 tractors set up for their State Fair activities.

New Business:   Phil Anderson was in ICU for a while with a brain bleed; however, he’s home now.

We’ll need to reserve the community room for club meetings during the months school is out.  School is scheduled to close in June.    Stuart Paquette, owner of the Historical Farmall Tractor Museum located in FL., passed away.  The kids say the museum will continue to be open.

Discussion Items: Let us know if you have any ideas and we can send out an invite. We need presenters.  Kim has Jasper engine lined up for June.

Auction or Threshing events: None noted.

For sale or wish list:  For Sale: 1949 JD, AR with turning brakes and PTO.

Another person had 4 combines, grain cart and all red for sale.  Sale July 13th with Bob Daily auctioneer.

Presentation:  Cody Wirth talked about restoration of his 4020 John Deere.  He restored the tractor for FFA last year and displayed it at the state fair, where he won 1st in class. The tractor came with a cab and they eventually found the fenders.  The antifreeze and oil had mixed; therefore, it had to be torn down.  He started in November 2020 and finished in April of 2021.  He disassembled the engine then sent the head and block to Ft. Dodge.  The leaking radiator was sent to Story City for repairs. The lights were also messed up and had to be redone. He went to Colfax to get some parts, including a 3-pt. arm. He used a Dremel to clean up various parts of the engine and it worked great in grooves. He also used a wire brush and sander.  Then he started putting everything back together.   Cody’s now working on a Super 8 for a guy.  Cole, his twin brother, is working on a 4010 John Deere. His family also works with 60 – 70 Dorset and Suffolk ewes. The family also has about 300 calves and cows. Cody stated he’s using his tractor; therefore, he brought it unwashed.   He had his tractor in the shop for us to see.

NOTE: also in the shop was a yellow “she shed”, which some of us looked at.   A friend of Cody’s, who happened to be there, has been working on it and mentioned it was for a charity and would be leaving on Thursday.  It was very interesting talking to the young man.  Thursday it made the news as they moved it out and presented it to a Jr. girl at Gilbert high who has been battling brain cancer.

Secretary Report by: Marlene Youde