May 2022 Minutes

May 3, 2022

Meeting Place: Gilbert High School                                                                                                 

Welcome \ Introductions:  Bob kicked off our meeting.

Guest and family additions: – Dick has a new threshing machine and water wagon.

Treasurer Report: Al reported $1,480.01 in the bank and the insurance will go out this month.

Old Business: A ‘Thank you’ note was received from Virgil Shorts family. The family had taken his Alias C to the funeral home as a tribute to his love for Alias tractors. The summer schedule was reviewed. Diana was at the meeting to talk about Scandinavian Days Parade on June 4th.  They want to have the tractors split up this year instead of one big group.

The Annual tractor ride is July 9th and will be an 8 mi per hour ride.  Others wanting to go fast can start someplace of their choice and do whatever route they want.

Annual Corn \ Bologna feed will be at the Youde’s and directions will be provided closer to the date.

Gilbert Days on Main, Dick is the new contact.  They want the tractors on the North end of Main Street on both sides.  Trucks are to be parked east of the tracks.  Dick will be gone and needs a couple people to help him out.

They asked about us doing people haulers as events are all over town.  It will depend on the club’s insurance and the liability. We also need to know what their insurance will cover. They plan to have 2 car shows at the intermediate School building.

New Business:   June we’ll be at the fire station for our next meeting.  July is the tractor ride and August is the corn feed.  Then the school should be open again.

Discussion Items: We need presenters, let us know if you have any ideas and we will send out an invite.

Auction or Threshing events: There is an auction May 14th in Milo. They are selling all equipment which includes some John Deeres, Alias tractors and machinery, horse supplies, Coachman motor home with about 56,000 miles. There is an old car and a lot of other items.

For sale or wish list:  none were noted

Presentation:  Garrett McBeth was our presenter.  He talked about and showed us how he went about making the John Deere Garden tractor self-steering.  His neighbor had given him a hard time about mowing straight so he decided to make it a self-mowing garden tractor.  He added a globe on the roof. The globe unit and other parts were pretty expensive to make the tractor self-steering and in the end the tractor basically went in string lines, but it will do curves with a bit of assistance.  You can purchase more expensive units which have other functionality.  Some even have mapping included. All these are run by satellites and it takes at least 2 satellites.  He had to pull the steering wheel off then put in a mechanical control on the shaft.  He had this custom made for a garden tractor.  He also had to learn how to weld so he could get things mounted on the draw bar. The globe had to be about 5 ft above the tractor in order for it to pick up the satellite single. What he ended up welding also served as an arm rest due to needing to mount the monitor.   A motor went on the steering wheel and he had to figure out how to do it, plus keep the tilt.  He made a bracket that is outside of the steering column.  Trees and buildings can mess it up do to not picking up a satellite signal.  He won a purple ribbon at the Story County fair and a blue ribbon at the Iowa State fair.

His family also has 2 tractors with past family history.  A 1959 504 Farmall which was his dad’s family and a 1963 John Deere from mom’s family.  They’ve had both in parades at the same time.

Secretary Report by: Marlene Youde