Past Events

                                                    Gilbert Show 2006

                                                        Plow Day 2006

                                              Ames Farmer’s Market 2007

                                               Boone Co. Fair 2008

                                             Gilbert Show 2009

                                             Gilbert Tractor/Car Show





3 thoughts on “Past Events

  1. I am really impressed at how your club has grown since you started.
    I live in southern Illinois and have an H and I gibson restored, also
    a silver King 1948, and a 2N ford, all restored. I live at 1111
    Franklin St. Eldorado, Ill. 62930. I guess I am too far away to join
    your club, but would if I was closer. I take tractors to most of the
    local tractor shows. Last to Pinkneyville old thresher days , they
    went from about 800 tractors last year to 1,086 this year. not sure
    why the increase. They had about a 12 large steam engines,huge.
    I wish you all the best with your tractor shows. Ed

    • Ed,
      I see you have a Silver King. Nice tractors and rare. If you ever get the chance please visit Heartland Acres in Independence, Iowa and see the variety of tractors we have as well as a wide variety of assorted agricultural items from 1830 to present day on dipslay in our 45,000 sq’ of display space – all inside. Cool cars too. Here is a short video about us

  2. I have a gibson tractor from American Industries #WI 229-3 NE. I am looking for a starter and flywheel. I would also like to know what year it was produced? If anyone has parts or info please e -mail me @

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