September 2022 Minutes

Sept, 6, 2022

Meeting Place: Gilbert High School, AG Classroom

Welcome \ Introductions:  Al kicked off our meeting.

Guest and family additions: Several wives attended!

Treasurer Report: around $1,200

Old Business: Bethany manor had 6 tractors.

New Business:   December tour ideas are needed so we can make plans. Jewell fish plant was mentioned; however, it’s been shut down.   Please come with ideas for December tour or trip.

In November we’ll tour the Ames University lab to see firsthand what Paul discussed in the meeting.

Discussion Items: Future Presentations and ideas.

Auction or Threshing events: Plow Day in Oct. at Struthers farm.

For Sale or Wish List: 1 Bottom plow for a John Deere.  Two John Deer plows 44 and 55, redone by Mike Lewis.

Presentation:  Paul Ness and helper

Paul was a 1957 graduate who went to work in a machine shop.  He started out welding on plow shears, fire escapes on the side of buildings and other things.  The shop he worked in at that time was were Hokel is now. Paul worked on many things which were made for overseas distribution. The shop he was in made large equipment such as threshing machines.   Later he delivered cylinders to Nevada and Mary Greely Hospital.  When the university was looking for someone, Paul applied and started work there in 1960. They used scrap metal for enriched uranium which was taken to Chicago where it was used for atomic energy for military forces.  Continual research was done at Iowa State with great success which provided funds for additional buildings.  There was the Manhattan project which was part of World War II, where they were working on nuclear weapons. There is a book written about the Iowa Chemist involved in the Manhattan project.  The book is Wilhelm’s Way, which is the story of the Iowa Chemist who saved the Manhattan Project.

One of the things invented\tested at the university was the use of nested chambers to making liquid nitrogen.  They had to test each chamber which was in a vaccum.  Paul then demonstrated liquid nitrogen and how cold it gets.   He also talked about the ice cream made with liquid nitrogen and severed at the State Fair.  Blue Sky creamery was started in Ames, Iowa and used liquid nitrogen.  The university also made liquid oxygen and had post graduate Doctors teaching under grads. They put copper tubing in liquid nitrogen and the drips produced are liquid oxygen which is flammable.   78% of the air is made up of nitrogen, while the majority of the rest is oxygen. Liquid oxygen is what the university made when Paul was working there.  They had 636 cylinders which Paul helped check daily in the lower level.   In November we’ll tour the lab to see all that Paul was talking about.

Secretary Report by: Marlene Youde