October 2022 Minutes

Gilbert Tractor Club

Oct. 4, 2022

Meeting Place: Gilbert High School, AG Classroom

Welcome \ Introductions:  Bob kicked off our meeting.

Guest and family additions: Several wives attended! Henry has a new Mull and Barker chain saw which shocks him as he uses it.

Treasurer Report: around $1,325.00

Old Business: We need tour ideas for December. Bob West talked to Virbo and a tour later on is a possibility, but not right now.  Another possibility is checking with Tim Hadley about seeing his collection.  Another idea was going to Hill’s off of Highway 20 in Winterset.  He has John Deere and other unusual things and some Oliver tractors.  Heartland museum was tossed out, to revisit as it changes from time to time.  It would be by appointment only.  After talking and voting it sounds like people would like to revisit Larry Massdem at Clarion for the Dec. trip if possible.  Ed will call and see if it will work out for the club to go to Clarion.

New Business:   In November we’ll tour the Ames University lab to see firsthand what Paul discussed in the August meeting.  Map and\or directions will be sent before the next meeting. There is a meeting room at the lab for us to meet in as well.

Plow days were mentioned and Toby Crumb might have one.  If you know of any let Bob or someone know so they can pass along the information to the group.

Iowa State has an Antique tractor club which is thinking about having a display of tractors each year, maybe the week after Labor Day. The club is between 35-45 members made up of juniors mainly, with a few freshman, sophomores and seniors. The club restored a tractor then sold it on Mecum auction for $8,500.  They may come talk to our group at some point.

Discussion Items: Future Presentations and ideas.

Auction or Threshing events:

For Sale or Wish List: Bruce Youde will be selling some tractors and implements next spring.

Presentation:  Larry Hamiester brought his Oliver 70 row crop 3.3 liter, with a 200 cubic inch PTO rated at 28 horse, 22 on the draw bar and gross 33 horse.  It has a 4-speed transmission with reverse, 4th gear is 6 mile per hours and 6th gear is 13.5 miles per hour.  His Dad bought the tractor in 1980. He had a sickle mower on the tractor which is really used on a different tractor.

For this tractor, they came out with an engine redesign in 1939.  They came out with a distributor and changed to 3 gears. Larry’s son is an Ag teacher in Panora.  Larry and his son restored the tractor. They took the block to Row Machine shop.  When he went searching for pistons, he found they were $42.00 each but Mopar pistons are aluminum and much cheaper.  They had to put in new sleeves and values.  After working 5-6 hours they finally figured out there was a bracket which need to be turned the other way to get things to work correctly. The tires are on split ring rims which most don’t like working with; however, they were able to find someone who would change them.  There is a lever for mechanical cultivator operation which helps when lifting the cultivator.

In the late 50’s his dad purchased the sickle bar mower which has a #60 chain in the gear box. The PTO goes into the gear box and then the chain helps work the mower sickle bar.  With an attachment you can also pull a crimper behind the mower.

Secretary Report by: Marlene Youde