March 2023 Minutes

Gilbert Tractor Club

March 07, 2023

Meeting Place: Gilbert High School Classroom – 7 p.m.

Welcome \ Introductions:  Don kicked off our meeting.

Guest and family additions: Iowa State tractor club group

Treasurer Report: $500.00 and Al paid for the calendars.

Old Business: Pay your dues.   Two calendars left to sell.

New Business:     Greg from Iowa State talked about a tractor ride on April 29th.   The route will be around the campus. They hope to have ice cream.  They are looking for inner and outer rims for an MTA.  It’s for the project next year.

We need presenters. If you have anyone or any ideas let us know and we can check into it more.

Discussion Items: Check the back of the agenda for what’s happening, when and where.   Gilbert days has to determine where things will be set up this year.  The current plan is to finish the rest of the Main Street paving project.  The start and end dates are unknown for the street work.

Gilbert Winterfest, December 9th, is also thinking about a possible winter parade.  You’d need to decorate your tractors with Christmas lights and the join the parade around town.  It will depend on the over all interest.

Auction or Threshing events: None

For Sale or Wish List: Bob is going to have a ‘Storage Wars’ sale at his storage units.  It starts at 9 a.m. on March 13th.   There’s a John Deere 55 HAD plow for sale and also a John Deere D tractor.

Presentation:  Barb Meister with GO Serve Global, a non-denominational, faith-based disaster organization spoke about what the group does.  She’s been with GO Server for 3 years.  They are a domestic team which deploys dump trucks, dump trailers, and other equipment to tornado or storm damaged areas. Once they have living quarters, they bring in volunteers to do the clean up work.  Here in Iowa they spent around 4 mths in Cedar Rapids doing clean after storm damage. They also collect other donations for the storm damages areas, including clothing, food and other household needs.

They have a warehouse in Albert City, IA where they store safety homes.  They have sent buildings to Florida, and from there they are delivered to Haiti.  Ten safety homes will fit into a container for shipment.  They can send 2-3 containers per year.  The safety homes are Sukup grain binds.  They have sent over 500 binds to Haiti.  The bins are hurricane and earthquake resistant.  The bins are 18ft across and are built on sand and dirt.  The interior receives a concrete floor.  The floors are hand mixed and poured into each bin.  On the exterior are evenly spaced ballast boxes which are 10ft. long and 4 ft tall.  Each box is filled with rock.  All bolts in the bin are the same shape and size.  Bins take about 5 hrs to assemble.  They show those in each area how to assemble the bin and those people then help others assemble bins.  On average 16 people will live in each building. The rules require whomever the bin is gifted to open their door to others in need.  Each bin contains a loft.  Each bin will last approx. 100 yrs.