April 2023 Minutes

May 02, 2023

Meeting Place: Gilbert High School Classroom – 7 p.m.

Welcome \ Introductions:  Don kicked off our meeting.

Guest and family additions: none in May

Treasurer Report: $1,429. Al paid the insurance.

Old Business: Pay your dues.

New Business:    Next meeting will be up town in the Red Buckman Hall, due to Gilbert School being closed for the summer.

Van Wall in Story City is looking for a display of John Deere D’s for their 100 yr. celebration.

Paul signed up for the Annual Corn Bologna Dinner this year.

We need presenters. If you have anyone or any ideas let us know and we can check into it more.

Discussion Items: May 20th, Pizza Ranch tractor display in Ames is coming soon. Check the dates of other events for the summer.

Auction or Threshing events: None

For Sale or Wish List: Don Barber has a 1938 Allis, hand crank to sell. Bob G. has a set of matching, used rear, 8×24 tires. Bruce’s neighbor has a 1983 John Deere back hoe for sale.

Presentation:  Doug Ward, former submarine officer.  He’s served 70 days at sea for a normal assignments. He was a graduate of Iowa State University in 1967.  He studied aerospace engineering.  After graduation he headed to Washington D.C. where he became an Ensign, which is the entry-level commissioned officer’s rank in the U.S. Navy.  He would go on to command the USS James Madison, blue crew.

The turtle was the first known submarine. There is a Hunley sub on display in Charleston, S. C.

Today’s subs carry missiles which can launch 4000 miles.

Passive sonar sub means they don’t know where you are so the enemy can’t find you,

Active sonar sub means they are transmitting singles and people can tell where you are.

There are 3 classes of subs. There are 3 sub bases on the East coast.  There are 4 sub bases on the West Coast. Guam was the most recent sub base added. Twenty-four nations have sub bases.

Daily life of a sub sailor would include 18 hr days where you are on watch, doing maintenance, training and admin tasks.  On weekends everyone, no matter the rank, cleans the sub top to bottom. Sunday is usually church, movies, pizza and other relaxing events.

Problems subs can have are collisions, grounding, which is hitting the ocean bottom, hitting uncharted under sea mountains, and illness where a sailor need surgery, they’re sick and need medical e-vac.