March 2024 Minutes

March 05, 2024

Meeting Place: Gilbert High School Classroom – 7 p.m.

Welcome \ Introductions:  Don kicked off our meeting.

Guest and family additions: none

Treasurer Report: $1,700.

Old Business: Pay your dues.   We have 11 calendars left and are selling them for $12.00 each, which is a loss but we need to get rid of them.

New Business:  Iowa State Tractor club students provided information for their April 27, 2024 show at the Iowa State campus location, like it was last year. They are trying to get a food truck; however, due to the short time frame of the show they’re finding it difficult.  They do plan to have ice cream. Check out their Facebook page for details. They typically have around 20 tractors. Please bring a tractor and\or attend their show and pass the word along to all your friends.  They finished work on a 1782 Cub Cadet. They’ll be moving on to their next project.   Money raised for selling their finished tractor will go towards sand blasting and parts needed.

Discussion Items: People have been seen planting corn around Nevada and Ames.  It was noted it must be a new hearty cold weather variety!

The Gilbert high school students need assistance with the Minneapolis Moine carburetor.  Don will meet with them to see what’s going on.

Dates for shows this year where reviewed.  It’s believed the date should be changed to July 13th for the Gilbert Tractor Club annual tractor ride. Gilbert on Main will be Aug. 17th. Mid Iowa Antique Power will feature Oliver tractors this year.  Date is Aug. 2-3, 2024.  Pizza Ranch is our next show, May 18th, Ames Iowa.

Auction or Threshing events: None

For Sale or Wish List:  None

Presentation:  Seth Twedt – works for a family-owned auction business called Steffes Group.  They have sold land and equipment since 1960. You can view all auctions, including the archives to see what things have sold and what they sold for.  You can place on line bids, which works similar to e-bay.  You can place what your highest bid would be, in the event you’re not home.  The system will auto bid for you each time someone outbids you, until it reaches the maximum amount you’ve entered for a bid.  When you contact them for an auction they’ll cover pricing, % of commission, type of equipment, all which also depends on options you select for advertising. They’ll take photos, have things cleaned and suggest what you need to do to bring top dollar.  They’ll give you an idea of price it could bring if done with their assistance and advise.

Seth suggested the best time to buy is when you see it, if you really want something.  If you wait it may be gone and for rare hard to find items it may be your last chance to even find something for years.  Make sure you check things out yourself before you buy, afterwards you own it and it’s to late.  It’s harder to sell older equipment especially things like tractors with pickers as a unit. Land does pretty good and the area makes the difference, plus the number of acres.  Seth stated he was basically a ‘Yep’ man for an auction.